About Us

We, Iran Foreign Investments Company(IFIC) are a state owned company established in Tehran in 1997. Governing bodies of company are:
-General Assembly;
-Board of Directors;
-CEO; and
-Legal Inspector  (Auditor).
The General Assembly is chaired by the Honourable Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.
IFIC, after incorporation, has taken over the assets and investments of the government overseas, and has since allocated the respective income from such investments to new investments in various sectors.
Currently, IFIC’s assets are distributed across 18 countries covering all continents, and are diversified in such fields as capital market, industry, banks, financial and credit institutions and mining, to mention a few.

General Assembly consists of following honourable members:

-Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance;
-Minister of Foreign Affairs;
-Minister Trade, Industry and Mines; and
-Head of Management and Planning Organisation.